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Empowering patients to cope despite severe illness

With , you are never alone. You can easily invite friends, and loved ones to be beside you on your journey. Huoleti finds peers to share, network with and grow stronger with. Your loved ones are also supported, as they can build their own peer network. Huoleti helps and supports, whether it is asking for help, giving help, or receiving it.


Help and support for everyday life

empowers patients, so that life can go on despite their sickness. Huoleti offers help and support, a P2P network, a safety net for you. With Huoleti, you are never alone.

Loved ones

Helping made easy

When a family member gets sick, it affects everyone; spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends and loved ones. provides a tool to make helping easier. It provides tools to help the patient in their everyday life.


Help in everyday tasks - no errand is too small

With , you decide when you can help and what you can help with Helping others and doing good, brings joy. You can also network and share experiences with people in similar situations. At the same time, you are creating a feeling of a community, since with Huoleti, you are never alone.

Helping made easy

Help and get help

At , we believe, that everyone wants to help. The biggest hurdle is scheduling. People would gladly accept help, but asking for help is difficult. Huoleti makes giving and receiving help easy! You will be able to give help at your convenience or receive help when you need it.

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