It's about life.

Near-sourcing care and support.

Huoleti empowers patients to cope throughout the treatement of severe illnesses. With Huoleti, you are never alone. You can easily invite your loved ones and friends to be beside you on your journey. Huoleti helps you find peers to share and network with, and you can grow stronger together. We support your loved ones by helping them build their own peer networks. Huoleti is there for you whether you are asking for, giving, or receiving help.


Empowering you throughout your treatment.

Huoleti brings help and support for everyday life. You can build your peer network and invite loved ones to walk by your side.

Volunteers are also there for you, providing you a safety net. With Huoleti, you are never alone.

Loved ones

Offering your help while learning from others.

When a family member gets sick, it affects all loved ones; spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends. Huoleti makes helping easy

It provides friends and family a tool to help in daily life and to find support for themselves as well.


Help with everyday tasks - no errand is too small.

Huoleti brings together volunteers and those who need help and support.With Huoleti, you decide how and when you can help.

Helping others brings joy, all the time creating a feeling of a community, since with Huoleti, you are never alone.

Helping made easy

Get help when you need it while easily offering your support.

At Huoleti, we believe, that we all need help sometimes. The biggest hurdle is scheduling. People would gladly accept help, but asking for it can be difficult.

Huoleti makes giving and receiving help easy!  You are able to offer your help at your convenience or receive help when you need it most.

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Create your profile and tell your story.
You decide with whom you interact.

Build your network

Find others and let others find you, keeping your loved ones by your side all the while.v

Don’t worry!

Meet others and share experiences
Offer and receive help.
Let life go on.