Press release: Huoleti launches new app to solve the aging problem at HLTH, Las Vegas

29.10.2019 13.12

How's your mom? Huoleti Ltd is excited to announce the launch of, a digital tool that supports people as they care for their aging parents. helps them build personal support networks, join peer discussion groups and receive access to helpful services. The initial launch date for Kindfull is December 1st. The first edition is a white-labeled app for New Jersey homecare provider VNA Health Group.

Huoleti believes will help tackle the aging crisis. The number of people aged 85 and older is expected to triple in the next 25 years. We want to see our parents stay happy, active and connected to their community as they get older.

“Finding trustworthy information and services is currently a time-consuming and fragmented process”, says Carita Savin, CEO and co-founder of Huoleti. “Kindfull brings together all the services and information the individual user needs, thus offering a simpler way to cope with challenging situations.”

To further advance launching Kindfull onto the U.S. market, Savin will move to New Jersey in February 2020 to work with VNA Health Group and attend the Ellis Accelerator on Manhattan, New York. introduction on YouTube

About Huoleti Ltd

Huoleti is a Finnish-based healthcare startup company, whose digital service provides seriously ill patients and their loved ones with an easy way to survive everyday life, provide help and find peer support. Huoleti has its roots in supporting cancer patients. The service complements medical and professional care by encountering patients and supporters.

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