Huoleti is a mobile app for anyone who has a worry on their mind, and their loved ones. It helps you to find your peers who are in a similar situation and allows you to share your feelings and experiences with them. Invite your loved ones to walk by your side and let them support you in your everyday life. You can also find volunteers to support you. Huoleti makes asking for and offering help easy. Huoleti is safe and it accompanies you wherever you go.

To start using Huoleti, download the app on your phone from the App Store or Google Play. Huoleti supports mobile devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems.

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Find others and let others find you, keeping your loved ones by your side all the while.v

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How do I start using the Huoleti app?

The Huoleti app is suitable for you if you or one of your loved ones have any worries that peer support and help with day-to-day tasks may help you to cope with.

Huoleti supports smartphones that run on Android or iOS. You can download the app in App Store or Google Play.

If you are the one with the worry, you will need a purchase code to register. You can get the code from your service provider, such as a hospital, municipality or association, or you can pay for the service subscription yourself. If you pay for it yourself, you will get a free 14-day trial.

If you use Huoleti as a supporter of your friend who has a worry, you will receive an invitation to join their network as a supporter. You will receive the invitation via SMS, and you can join Huoleti as your friend’s supporter using the code in the SMS.

If you already have a Huoleti account and you are invited to join a friend’s network as a supporter, you can enter the code in the SMS into the appropriate field in your profile.

Is Huoleti subject to a charge?

The Huoleti app is subject to an annual subscription fee according to the valid price list; in most cases, a service provider such as a hospital or an association pays the subscription fee. If this is the case, your service provider will provide you with a purchase code and you can use the app free of charge.

If you do not have a code, you can also pay the annual subscription fee of EUR 29 yourself. In this case, you will get a free 14-day trial when you register.

Registering as a supporter is free of charge. To register, you will get a supporter code as an SMS when a friend invites you to join their network.

What is a ‘worry’?

A worry refers to any challenge in your everyday life, such as a medical condition, that you or one of your loved ones have encountered. In the app, you can select the type of worry and find other users who share the same worry with you.

If you have registered for the service to support a friend, you can find others who are supporting friends with similar worries.

Is Huoleti safe?

The Huoleti app complies with all applicable data security regulations. We respect the privacy of the users, and data transfers are limited.

As a user, you can decide how much information you want to share and who can see your information. If you wish, you can even use Huoleti anonymously.

What are the different roles?

In Huoleti, you may have different roles.

As a patient or person with a worry, you have defined a worry that you have and you can find peers that are in a similar situation and invite your loved ones to support you. You can send requests for help to your loved ones in your network, if you wish.

To unlock the role of supporter, a friend registered as a patient must invite you to join the service as their supporter. You will receive the invitation via SMS. As a supporter, you can find peers that also support their friends. As a supporter, you can respond to your friend’s requests for help and offer your support.

What are the different networks?

Your peers are other users that share the same worry with you or who support a friend that has the same worry as the person you support. Your peer network includes the peers that you have added to your peer network. These are usually users that you have the most in common with.

Your supporter network includes your loved ones, family members and friends that you have invited to join your network and support you in your everyday life. Your loved ones are the people that can respond to your requests for help. To invite your loved ones to join, you need to enter their phone number. The people you invite receive a notification and a registration code via SMS.

The network of people who you support is visible to you in your role as a supporter.

Why is there a map view in the Huoleti app?

To find supporters and peers who live near you, Huoleti uses location data shown on the map. This way, you can contact people that are physically close to you. You can view all your peers and the people in your networks on the map. The location shown on the map is approximate with an accuracy of a few hundred meters

How can I keep in touch with other users?

Huoleti allows you to share thoughts and experiences with your peers and loved ones. In the app, you can send private messages to other users or start group conversations with your own peer network.

If you are registered as a supporter of a friend, your friend can share their latest news with their network of supporters, in which case the person you support lays down the terms of the group conversation. As a supporter, you can also start group conversations.

With you peers, that is, with others that support their friends, or chat with the people you support using private messages.